Friday, January 05, 2007

Romantic Getaway for Valentine's Day

January 4, 2006

Dear Fellow Romantic,

This Valentine’s Day Treat Yourselves to a Touch of Romance, an All-Inclusive Weekend Away of White Sandy Beaches, Turquoise Waters…
And Possibly the Best Sex You’ve Ever Had

The candlelight dances in your partner’s loving eyes. Heartfelt words hover in the air… his soft caress sends a shiver up your spine. Her eyes are locked on yours... shining the light of her deepening love… reflecting a knowing… and sense of being known.

You touch, gently at first… in that way you remember… you’re cherished, adored, more man than she’s ever had… a woman more beautiful than he’s ever known. You are connected… in love. The heat rises… hot, unbridled passion that may lead to who knows where…

Welcome to the future of your relationship. It all starts at Enhance the Romance™ (February 8-12, 2007) – a three day, 4 night romantic adventure in the sun and fun of the Riviera Maya, a 70-mile stretch of white sand beaches and turquoise waters on the Yucatan Peninsula in Mexico.

I’m Jenn Kaye, your guide and the facilitator of a reawakening and deepening of your romantic relationship. I will teach you how to translate the confusion of “he-says” and “she-says” into “Yes… thank you!” As an internationally recognized communications and relationship expert, I have applied my 20 years of experience in translation, group facilitation, interpersonal communications, hypnotherapy and massage therapy to create a program that strengthens your intimate partnership.

How would you like to:

· Learn how to touch and be touched, just the way you like, every time
· Know the 3 little things that make a HUGE difference in your relationship
· How to ask for what you really want
· How to score points with your loved one

…and communicate well enough to put Dr. Phil out of business? While I can’t guarantee that you’ll leave with the perfect movie-script relationship, I will promise that you’ll get a great start on having the kind of relationship you both want.

Only you know what you want… to be desired… seen and heard… to talk, touch, and explore the depths of each other physically, emotionally, sexually, and spiritually. Why not go for it all?

Can four days away really change us that much?

For over six years I’ve led this course as a one-day class. The overwhelming response has been for more! Even after one day their lives changed! So imagine having three full days to connect with each other more deeply than you ever thought possible... and the key to your success is probably not what you’re thinking.

According to a report filed by the American Academy of Matrimonial Lawyers entitled “Making Marriage Last, A Guide to Preventing Divorce,” the number one reason most relationships fail isn’t about sex or money – it’s poor communication! Understanding, listening, speaking in a way your partner can hear, and connecting through touch – they’re all part of the formula for a vital relationship.

Yes, touch is vitally important to your relationship. And it turns out that science has proven you are both right about how and why you feel connected to each other….

We now understand that Oxytocin, or the “cuddle hormone,” influences our ability to bond with each other. Humans with higher oxytocin levels are more likely to feel an increased desire and connection to their partners. Oxytocin increases for women when they are massaged, hugged, kissed or held, and for men during orgasm. There are thousands of ways to touch, so understanding what to do and when to do it is critical.

That’s just one of the reasons touch is as important in a relationship as sex. This means, guys, if you want it more often, then you’ve got to learn to touch her the way she wants to be touched. And women – sometimes it really does need to lead to sex.

But your weekend at The Riviera Maya isn’t about sex. It’s about creating a deeper bond in your relationship through the healing power of conscious, aware – and knowledgeable - touch and communication. Every aspect of your relationship will be sweetened through your vibrant, newfound connection and the skills to simply say what you want, when you want it – and actually get it!

Your All-Inclusive Enhance the Romance™ Getaway Includes:

First, your journey begins upon arrival at the Cancun International Airport where your personal driver will transport you to Las Villas Akumal, a beautiful property located on Jade Beach in the Riviera Maya.

Second, each day you will participate in interactive, hands-on lessons in effective touch and massage techniques. This is not some boring all-talk and no action experience – you will be learning (and practicing) techniques to touch and massage each other every day. Sorry… nudity, tantric free-for-alls, and bear-your-soul therapy sessions are strictly forbidden. Safety, boundaries, and confidentiality make this a playful and active experience.

Third, make new lifelong friends by enjoying delicious meals together – ON US! All meals are specially prepared and are included in your weekend. Lively conversation and glimpses of the moon-lit silvery sea only enhance your experience...

Fourth, you’ll have plenty of time on your own to melt under the strong hands of a professional masseuse, or enjoy the lush tropical surroundings and teeming fish in the clear blue waters. Some surprise activities and gifts await you each night…but you’ll have to sign up to find out what they are! (Hint: so who doesn’t like candlelight and chocolate?)

This is a weekend you’ll remember and continue to enjoy for the rest of your lives together.

So sign up now, before you get bogged down in your day-to-day overly scheduled to-do list and Enhance the Romance™ in your life now .

What will you remember in ten years? The Valentine’s weekend that blazed new life into your relationship, or the dozen roses you picked up at the last minute, again?

Remember what you’ll gain in this experience: lasting love, deeper appreciation for your partner, and a heightened awareness of what each other truly wants.

Note: Attendance is limited to 5 couples…and there are only 3 spaces left!

YES! Sign us up! Email JennKaye@TouchwithIntention or call me at 602.403.3500 to reserve your spot now.

I look forward to seeing you on the beach at the Riviera Maya in February!

"Touch is a language that can communicate more love in five seconds than words can in five minutes." Ashley Montagu

Wishing You More Love and Romance,

Jenn Kaye


david santos said...

Hello, Jen!
I loved this post and this blog.
Have a nice day

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