Wednesday, August 06, 2008

An Innovative Wine Tasting to Enhance the Romance

Throughout history the 'almond' has been a long-standing symbol of fertility and the aroma is said to induce passion in females. The Aztec ruler, Montezuma, would reportedly drink 50 goblets of chocolate each day to enhance his libido, and in ancient Persia new couples would drink a beverage made of honey every day for a month after they married to ensure a successful marriage.

For thousands of years, food and wine have been considered aphrodisiacs that when consumed, instill desire and increase passion. Jenn Kaye and Touch with Intention, LLC have partnered with Bacchus Wine Made Simple for this innovative wine tasting and food pairing that will engage your senses and spark your romantic creativity.

When: Tuesday, September 30th 6:30-8:30pm

Where: Bacchus Wine Made Simple, 7122 E. Greenway Parkway at the Kierland Commons in Scottsdale
Price: $50 per person

To Register: Call 602.403.3500 or Email:

*Please note, Pre-Registration is required for this event*

Did you know...

Honey - Mead, a fermented drink made primarily of honey, dates back to medieval times and was used not only to increase libido, but to bless new marriages. The ancient Egyptians used honey to cure sterility and impotence, while in ancient Persia, new couples would drink mead together every day for a month after they married, in order to ensure a successful marriage. This period was known as the Honey Moon.

Chocolate - The Ancient Mayan civilization worshipped the Cacao tree and called it "food of the gods". Folklore indicated that the Aztec ruler Montezuma would reportedly drink 50 goblets of chocolate each day to enhance his libido. In actuality, it is the chemical composition of chocolate that gives its love potion qualities; phenylethylamine and serotonin are potent "feel good" chemicals naturally produced in our bodies that produce a sense of euphoria or happiness when consumed through chocolate.

Come learn more at this unique event!

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