Friday, July 24, 2009

FUNDAMENTALS OF PARTNERING : Communication Through Movement

Have you ever watched Dancing with the Stars and thought to yourself, "I wish I could do that."

You can!

Partnering on the dance floor is like being in any other relationship. You must find points of connection, ways to communicate and create an experience that leaves you both wanting more!

Learn the fundamentals of communication through movement. For the complete beginner, or people who have some dance background, this unique workshop is designed for adventurous couples who are open to having more fun and improving their communications at the same time!

For years, dance has offered one of the most powerful parallels as it pertains to life and relationships. The great Martha Graham said that "Dance is the hidden language of the soul," and in a recent article on Tony Dovolani said about dancing, “It's almost like you have a newfound love for each other. Discovering new steps together teaches couples to interact with each other. They're looking into each other's eyes, anticipating the next move. It opens up energy channels of feeling and connection. It rejuvenates everything.”

It is one thing to move through life on our own, it is entirely another to create movement in partnership with another person. We are beginning this series with the Rumba. The Rumba has long been considered the "Dance of Love" and has all the ingredients for a delicious recipe for romance!

Guys will learn how to lead and move their bodies (and their partner) with strength and confidence, and women will learn the art of following, which allows them the freedom to express their sensuality, strength and creativity.

1st Hour: Learn the fundamentals of connection, the elements of lead and follow, and the art of non-verbal communication to create movement.

2nd Hour: Learn patterns, combinations, how to play with the movement (and enhance the experience of romance on the dance floor!)

Please note: This is a DANCE class. While you will be learning practical communication skills, wear comfortable shoes and be prepared to move your hips and get your groove on! This class requires active participation!

Event Info
When: August 22, 2009
Time: Noon - 2pm
Where: Paragon Dance Studio - 931 E. Elliot Rd., Suite 101, Tempe, AZ 85284
Investment: $35 per couple in advance, $45 per couple at the door

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